Side orders & tapas will be served promptly. Any main dishes will follow when ready.
Green prices show vegetarian dishes.

From The Barbecue (All Served With Fries & Spyglass Salad)
£6.50 Spyglass 100% homemade beef burger in toasted ciabatta
(extras – cheese £0.45 chorizo £0.50)
£7.50 Chargrilled chicken breast burger in toasted ciabatta
  Burger Extras
0.45 Cheese
0.50 Chorizo
0.50 Crispy Bacon
0.50 Spyglass Salsa
0.75 Guacamole
£6.95 King spare ribs of pork with honey & barbecue glaze
£7.50 Chicken breast, served either plain, piri piri or with lemon
and parsley glaze
£7.95 Moroccan spiced lamb kebab with couscous & harissa (served pink)
£9.95 'Surf and Turf’ tiger prawn and rump steak kebab with sweet
chilli and coriander sauce
    Served plain or with cold béarnaise, peppercorn sauce or garlic mayonnaise
£10.95 Rib-eye
£11.95 Sirloin
    Served plain or with lemon & parsley oil or with lime, chilli & coriander glaze
£6.95 Sardines
£8.50 Salmon steak
£9.95 Tuna steak (rare or well done)
£12.50 Whole sea bass
£12.50 King prawns (with shell on) with garlic butter

Tapas (Served With French Bread)
£12.00 Tapas for two (extra portion £6.00 per person)
Parma ham,chorizo,salami,anchovies,olives,feta stuffed chillies,mozzarella &sun-dried tomatoes
£12.00 Veggie Tapas for two (extra £6.00 per person)
Spanish tortilla,Manchego cheese,sweet pepper humus, olives,potato salad,stuffed vine leaves,onion tart &feta stuffed chillies.
£1.95 Patatas Bravas, topped with Spanish tomato sauce
£1.95 Patatas Aioli, topped with garlic mayonaise

Sides, small salads, & tapas are not starters & are served as accompaniments to dishes ordered from the barbecue unless ordered on their own

Salads & vegetarian dishes
£3.95(S) / £6.50(L) Greek salad (served with bread)
£3.95(S) / £6.50(L) Caesar salad (extra – chicken £1.00) (served with bread)
£5.50 Spanish tortilla with crème fraiche (served with fries & salad)
£5.95 Chorizo &mozzarella salad (served with fries)
Marinated vegetable and tofu kebabs with corn and tomato
salsa (served with fries & salad)
Char-grilled asparagus & halloumi cheese salad (served with fries)
Tuna steak Niçoise salad (served with fries)

Kids Corner (all served with fries & salad)
£3.25 Spyglass home made burger (extra – cheese £0.25)
£3.50 Mediterranean vegetable pasta and tomato sauce
£3.50 Chicken nuggets
£3.50 Salmon fillet fish burger

£0.50 Spyglass salsa
£0.50 Garlic mayonnaise
£0.75 Guacamole
£0.95 French Bread
£1.20 Fries
£1.75 Garlic bread
£1.95 Marinated olives
£2.20 Sweet pepper humus & pitta
£3.50 Thai sweet corn fritters with sweet chilli dip

Per Scoop
Italian Ice cream from our gelateria –
Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Pineapple
(All ice creams are endorsed by the Slow Food Movement)
£3.75 Chocolate brownie with one scoop of ice cream from the Gelateria.
£3.50 Lemon tart
£3.60 Vanilla cheesecake with one scoop of ice cream from our Gelateria
£3.95 Spyglass Knickerbocker Glory Two scoops, cream fresh fruit and jelly
£7.50 Chocolate fondue for two with fresh fruit, meringues, marshmallows, toffee & biscuits


An optional 10% service charge will be added to all bills